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over all it was really fun!
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Go here and check them out!!  

Help support and THANKS ^^
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Really very busy with everything.. didn't have time to cosplay or go photoshoot T-T I AM SAD!!! sniff
So yea!! I am like really busy with my exams or more like project from NAFA.
And I will only end this wed!!!
My afa costume is kinda screwed T-T I need to sew faster! But I don't have time..
oh shit =( Late night for me this week I guess...

Hope everything will turn out fine T-T!!! I wish and hope T-T!!!

Oh and there is one thing I would want to ask O-O IS PVC VERY HARD TO WORK WITH?
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Ok I feel that I need to rant!

Like those M.A.C and Bobbi brown the famous COASTAL SCENT and other brands..
And say they are real? After people know is fake.. they say is BETTER than the REAL thing and is a good deal..
Then when they don't buy.. YOU LAUGH AT THEM because they didn't buy stuff which is cheaper and from you..

Makeup is not something to go let go easy because is your face..
and what happen to your face is just as important as the rest of your body!
but of course those blogowners wont care.. why? because they are making money...

seriously.. If people love M.A.C or other brands.. they should buy the real deal instead!
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Lol!! Im totally a luka freak now! I want to do so many Luka cosplay..
My top favorite is "just be friends" is really catchy and nice =X
ahhhh!!! Luka voice is really sooo nice.. so human like, until my friends ask me if she is real.

List of what I want to do for vocaloid Luka.
1. just be friends.
2. Magnet
3. Kagono Nakano Hina-Ryuu
4. Bin ni Tsumeta Aoi Chou [this song is really sweet but doubt can cosplay it]
5. hagane
6. cendrillon
7. La Pucelle [ love love this but really don't know how to start.. let me spam the song for now XD]
8. 人狼狂詩曲
9. Dreaming little bird[love this song also.. but omg at the costume lol!!!]
10. サーカスの夜に [this one i don't think i will be doing but putting up because go listen!! ]
11. Aka Hito Ha (One red leaf) [ awesome song! she look really young here =X]
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I really don't like 3D studies... Is so confusing.. haihz! and my first excises got D D8!!
I am so going to Redo...
damn teacher doesn't really teach you how to do..
just keep asking you to do plans and lines..
=-= and just because our class got 4 As..
He need to give us the hardest shape for the next excises..
argh so annoying...
somehow I really don't like 3D studies but love Design elements , photography and drawing. I shall score there 8DDD
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Ahh Need to do research for my animation module!!
Researching on Final fantasy advert children XD
At least is a topic I like 8D, But is very annoying
because I cannot find anything about the techniques!!!
now suddenly I feel like doing a FF cosplay LOL!

:o and found our that bahamut took 20 people 40 hours each to make in Final fantasy advent children..
thats alot of time and people XDDD
now im finding out how long they took to do the weapons!
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It has been 4 years since I touch my DA account .-.!
didn't really understand how it work till i try it again now.
Really love all the artworks here *-*
ahhh Wants to be like those artist =X
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